IRIS represents the world's leading independent record labels. We provide comprehensive distribution and leverage out technology, superior marketing and quality catalog for preferential treatment in the marketplace. This results in successful releases and significantly increased sales.

Dynamic Services:
With all that's happening in the digital space today, it's important that your distributor has an eye on the future. We continuously develop our offerings to ensure you remain in the know and well represented.

Expertise and Customer Service:
Dedication to customer service is a hallmark of IRIS. Our staff has years of music industry experience and we know the difference it makes to speak to a real person. We return emails, we pick up the phone, we call YOU!

Retail Reach:
We continuously research new retailers and stay on top of emerging opportunities. We distribute to over 450 retail end points in over 85 countries. Whether it's a major retailer in the UK or an electronic outlet in Malaysia, a direct sales widget on Facebook or a mobile initiative in Canada you can rest assured that you are well positioned and completely covered.

Marketing Savvy:
At IRIS, we believe strongly that success in the digital marketplace starts with good planning. We work closely with you to make sure that a comprehensive strategy is in place to ensure maximum sales and exposure. As the digital marketplace provides a seemingly endless amount of opportunity to promote releases, it's important to have a partner that knows how to efficiently filter and allocate time and resources where they're most productive.